Edenbrook Motel Celebrates the Wilderness Act

Here at the Edenbrook Motel, we’re well aware of the picturesque beauty that only the extreme wild of nature can bring. 2014 is sure to be a year of many great happenings, but it also marks a major milestone in the world of environmental protection. For 50 years, our country has enjoyed the dedication of many millions of acres of wilderness as federal protected. These protections extend directly from the Wilderness Act, signed into law in 1964. This act was largely designed to maintain the character of the American wilderness during the period after World War II, when newfound American affluence threatened to carve up the country with interstate highways and sprawling suburbs. Under this law, more than 750 wilderness areas have been designated for federal protections, comprising a total area of 100 million acres, according to this blog post published by the Missoula Independent. The law was written to protect American land that retains its primeval character and provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy both solitude as well as unconfined recreation. In the state of Maine, we owe a debt of gratitude to the Wilderness Act for the protection of the nearby Acadia National Park. Although the park predates the law by almost 50 years, this law came at a time when many Americans were unfamiliar with environmental activism and helped pave the way for later movements.

The Edenbrook Motel is located just minutes away from this pristine National Park in the adjacent city of Bar Harbor. We’re situated very close to some of the best restaurants the entire region has to offer, and we have plenty of ideas for taking advantage of your stay in this natural wonderland. Call the Edenbrook Motel to schedule your vacation today. We’d love to show you the pristine parkland that we call home! –Karen

*Video courtesy of jchoo34