Acadia National Park Funding

There are few places in the United States that can inspire the imaginative spirit of the outdoors quite like Maine’s Acadia National Park. The expansive forests and crystal blue waters of this northeastern American paradise draw thousands to our small town of Bar Harbor every single year. Recently, organizers at this national park facility received some helpful news about the immediate future of this public land. As this article published by BDN Maine reports, Acadia National Park received $7.7 million from the most recent appropriations bill from the U.S. Congress. This total was $400,000 more than officials had originally expected to receive from the government. Still, some park officials argue that this total is far less than Acadia National Park truly needs to operate at full capacity.

Even though this funding is better than what was expected, it’s still less than the 2013 funding amount of $7.8 million  National Park Service statistics cited in the above story indicate that the park helps to bring $186 million to the Maine economy in 2011 alone, far less than what the park receives from the government. This funding will allow the park to open on schedule, however, something that wasn’t accomplished last year. Sequestration of funds because of federal budgeting problems last year caused extended closures of local attractions and throughways, such as Park Loop Road and the park’s Visitor Center. Many business owners were upset at how much of a toll these closures had on the local economy. Some community voices have offered good ideas on how the park can maximize their funding and still support high tourism revenues. An extension of the park’s biking trail system has been suggested to take advantage of reduced car traffic on local roads during the summer.

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