Bar Harbor Relaxation at Edenbrook Motel

In our highly tech savvy world, it’s easy to feel disconnected from the beauty and power of the natural world surrounding us. The workweek is filled with so many cares and responsibilities that we can barely see more than a few days into the future. One way to relax and let these worries drift away is by getting in touch with Mother Nature in some of the most beautiful settings our country has to offer.

Situated in Bar Harbor,  Edenbrook Motel is located very close to Maine’s renowned Acadia National Park. This national park was the first nationally designated parks east of the Mississippi River.  The rugged Atlantic coastline and miles of unspoiled vistas are major tourist draws. There are so many ways to enjoy this scenic atmosphere. Visitors to the motel are encouraged to experience the park on foot and enjoy many miles of scenic walking area. The entire island contains hundreds of miles of hiking trails and 50 miles of carriage roads for walkers and cyclists. There are also airplane charter services that can help you explore the island by air, as well as sightseeing boats for getting a view of the island from the water. There are plenty of other entertainment options available to visitors of Edenbrook Motel, as our website about Bar Harbor will show you.

Beyond airplane and boat tours, our guests can enjoy a number of golf courses, a local theater, comedy club, hundreds of restaurants and many unique shops dotting the island. Music lovers can even get their fill of live performances during various jazz and chamber orchestra music festivals that occur throughout the summer. Imagine bringing your family to the northeastern Atlantic coasts of Maine, enjoying the brisk, pure weather that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the country. Spend your days getting in touch with nature away from the everyday stress of life, while enjoying all the comforts of small town nightlife.

Your family will return from this once-in-a-lifetime vacation with a mountain of memories, Edenbrook Motel is a great destination for travelers seeking a unique vacation experience on a beautiful Maine island. Call toll free today 877-288-0554 or email Edenbrook Motel to schedule your 2014 visit to Mount Desert Island! –Karen